#OneBaltimore. In the wake of the recent painful event that occurred in Baltimore City, One Baltimore was established to assist residents in need. Through collaborative efforts, leaders and community organizations are teaming up together to strength neighborhoods and restore damaged businesses and homes. Visit this site to learn how you can volunteer, donate, or obtain assistance.

Family League continues to be a resource for Baltimore and our partners as the City emerges from recent disturbances. We remain dedicated to the safety and success of Baltimore’s children and their families. Family League is proud to serve a city full of resilient citizens who work to achieve a Baltimore where every child grows up in a family that thrives.


Looking to HEAL?

If your family is in need of services or other resources, please call 211 or visit


In response to the recent civil unrest in Baltimore City, United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM), in partnership with the State of Maryland, established the MD Unites Fund. This Fund will support humanitarian relief efforts in, and the not-for-profit organizations delivering services to the residents of, the affected neighborhoods (as identified in the grant application). UWCM will award funds from the MD Unites Fund in phases: the initial phase will address the extraordinary demand for services in response to the civil unrest. Priority will be given to those organizations headquartered in the affected communities. Subsequent phases will seek to address longer-term strategies around systems-level barriers.

The application for funding in the initial phase is now available. This is a competitive grant opportunity. Please visit our website,, for more information and to access the application. Applications are due electronically by 4:00p.m. on Friday, May 15.


Counseling & Support Services Available to Baltimore Families

  • University of Maryland Baltimore (Child/Adolescent Clinic) – 410.328.1111
  • Total Health Care – 410.383.8300
  • Black Mental Health Alliance (help to locate therapists) – 410.338.2642
  • Disaster Distress Helpline (immediate counseling) – 800.985.5990
  • Baltimore Crisis Response – 410.752.2272
  • United Way of Central Maryland – Dial 211

Owners of Damaged Property in City Encouraged to Check Insurance Policies – The Maryland Insurance Administration provided the following message: “Property owners and business owners whose property was damaged in the recent violence in Baltimore City should contact their insurance agents or carriers to see if they are covered. Many policies, both for commercial and personal property, have provisions for civil unrest. In addition, comprehensive auto policies may cover damage from the violence. It’s important to note, however, that not all policies include this coverage. If you are unsure whether your policy covers this situation, check with your agent, broker, or insurance company. As the state’s insurance regulator, the MIA can: 1) answer questions about different types of insurance; 2) explain your rights and suggest ways to work out problems with your insurance company; or 3) investigate whether a company did what it said it would do in its contract with you and, if any laws or rules were broken, take action against the company. If you need assistance with a claim, call 410-468-2000 or 1-800-492-6116.

Looking to HELP?

To report damages in the city or to volunteer with cleanup efforts, please call 311.

To donate to the United Way of Central Maryland and State of Maryland’s joint Campaign to Restore Baltimore, text MDUnites to 71777 or click here.

To donate to or volunteer with the One Baltimore cause, call 410.545.1511.

Bringing it all together for Baltimore children, families and communities.

Family League of Baltimore promotes collaborative initiatives and aligns resources to create lasting outcomes for Baltimore’s children from birth until they graduate from high school and transition to college or the workforce. We serve as an architect of change, leveraging relationships with public and private entities, as well as convening stakeholders from local government, the funding community and direct service organizations to bring together financial support for a shared vision for a Baltimore where every child grows up in a family and community that thrives. Our Goal: By 2030, all children in Baltimore will be born healthy, succeed in school, graduate high school and transition into higher education and the workforce.

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