COVID-19 Response

Family League understands the concern and uncertainty our partners and the communities they serve may be experiencing regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Please know your health, safety, and well-being are our greatest concern.

In accordance with guidance issued by Baltimore City Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, Family League’s staff has activate its mandated teleworking policy until further notice. As a result, we have suspended in-office services until further notice. Visit our staff directory for a list of team members and their email addresses.

We have set up this page to house updates, general guidance documents, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the virus’s effects on our programs and services.

For general guidance on the city’s response to the situation, please visit the following Websites and social media platforms:

Baltimore City COVID-19 Response
Twitter: @mayorbcyoung

Baltimore City Public Schools
Twitter: @BaltCitySchools

Emergency Meals for Children and Youth

Updated April 6, 2020

Family League recognizes that Food Access is one of the most critical points of vulnerability children and families will experience during this time. We are partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success, Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, and Baltimore City Schools to provide grab-and-go meals for children and youth. The types and hours of meal distribution vary by location and can be found in the list below. PLEASE NOTE: MEALS WILL NOT BE SERVED ON APRIL 10th & APRIL 12th.

You can contact 3-1-1 for more information or direct questions to

Search or sort by Site Type or Name, Address, ZIP Code, and Times and Meals available.
Site TypeSiteAddressZIP CodeTimes & Meals Served
Community LocationsBreath of God141 S. Clinton Street2122411am - 2pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsCity of Refuge Baltimore901 Pontiac Avenue2122510 am - 12 pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsEasterwood1530 North Bentalou212162pm - 6pm (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack)
Community LocationsEmmanuel Wesleyan3714 West Bay Avenue212259:30am - 11am (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsFranciscan Center101 West 23rd Street212189am - 10 am (Breakfast)& 12-1pm (Lunch)
Community LocationsItalian Cultural Center315 Homeland Southway2121210am - 1pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsLiberty Rec and Tech Center3901 Maine Avenue21207Mon. - Sun. 9am - 12pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsNazarene Baptist Church1201 Harford Avenue2120210am - 12pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsRehoboth Ministries4423 Pimlico Road2121511am - 1pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsSt. Veronica's2920 Joseph Avenue2122510am - 12pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Community LocationsPower House316 S. Caroline Street2123112pm - 2:30pm (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack)
Community LocationsGreater St. John1806 N. Patterson Park2121310am - 2pm (Breakfast & Lunch
Community LocationsBuilding Blocks Learning & Developmet Center501 E. Patapsco Avenue212253:30pm - 6pm (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack)
Community LocationsBrooklyn O'Malley B&G Club3560 3rd Street212258:30am - 9:30am (Breakfast), 11:30am - 1:30pm (Lunch)
Community LocationsSisters Saving the City4236 Pimlico Road212154pm - 4:30pm (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack)
Mobile Meal StopsO'Donnell Heights1200 Gusyran Street212249:40am - 10:10am (Breakfast)/2:10 - 2:40pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsSoutheastern CAP Center3411 Bank Street2122410:20am - 10:50am (Breakfast)/2:50pm - 3:20 pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsPoe Homes800 W. Lexington Street212014pm - 4:45pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsLatrobe Homes900 E. Madison Street212023pm - 3:45pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops3000 E. Madison Street212058am - 8:30am (Breakfast)/12-12:30pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops2401 Belair Road212139:20am - 9:50am (Breakfast)/1:20pm - 1:50pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops4400 Parkside Drive2120610am- 10:30am (Breakfast)/2pm - 2:30pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops3910 Barrington Road2120710am - 10:30am (Breakfast)/2pm - 2:30pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops5032 Gwynn Oak Avenue2120710:40am - 11:10am (Breakfast)/2:40pm - 3:10pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops3939 Reisterstown Road212159:20am - 9:50am (Breakfast)/1:20pm - 1:50pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops1600 N. Dukeland Street212168am - 8:30am (Breakfast)/12pm - 12:30pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsMcCullough Homes501 Dolphin Street212171pm - 1:45pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops3400 Ellerslie Avenue2121810:40am - 11:10am (Breakfast)/2:40-3:10pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal Stops425 N. Chester Street212318:40 - 9:10 am (Breakfast)/12:40 - 1:10 pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsDouglass Homes1500 E. Lexington Street212312pm - 2:45pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsPerkins Homes215 S. Caroline Street2123111-11:30 am (Breakfast)/3:30-4pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsBrooklyn Homes4140 10th Street212258am-8:30am (Breakfast), 12:30pm - 1pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsWestport Homes2343 Norfolk Street212208:40am - 9:10am (Breakfast), 1:10pm - 1:40pm (Lunch)
Mobile Meal StopsCherry Hill Homes2700 Spelman Road2122512pm-12:45pm
Recreation CenterBentalou220 North Bentalou Street21223M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCallowhill Aquatic Center2821 Oakley Avenue21215M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCarroll F. Cook5061 Eager Street21205M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCC Jackson4910 Park Heights Avenue21205M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCecil Kirk900 East 22nd Street21218M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCherry Hill Aquatic Center (Middle Branch)2601 Giles Road21225M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterChick Webb623 Eden Street21205M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterColdstream1401 Fillmore Street21218M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCollington Square1409 Collington Avenue21213M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCrispus Attucks1601 West Madison Street21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterCurtis Bay1630 Filbert Street21226M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterDewees5501 Ivanhoe Avenue21212M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterEdgewood-Lyndhurst835 Allendale Street21229M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterElla Bailey100 East Heath Street21230M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterFarring-Baybrook4501 Farring Court21225M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterFred B. Leidig301 S. Beechfield Avenue21229M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterGardenville4517 Hazelwood Avenue21206M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterGreenmount2304 Greenmount Avenue21218M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterHarlem Park700 North Calhoun Street21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterHerring Run5001 Sinclair Lane21206M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterJames D. Gross4600 Lanier Avenue21216M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterJames McHenry911 Hollins Street21223M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterLakeland2921 Stranden Road21230M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterLillian Jones1310 North Stricker Street21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterLocust Point1627 Fort Avenue21230M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMadison Square1401 Biddle Street21213M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMary Rodman3600 Mulberry Street21229M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMedfield1501 Woodheights Avenue21211M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMora Crossman Recreation Center6200 East Pratt Street21224M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMorrell Park2651 Tolley Street21230M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterMount Royal120 West Mosher Street21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterNorthwood1517 Winford Road21239M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterOliver1600 North Spring Street21213M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterParkview2610 Francis Street21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterPatapsco844 Roundview Road21225M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterRita Church2101 Saint Lo Drive21213M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterRobert C. Marshall Recreation Center1201 Pennsylvania Ave.21217M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterRoosevelt1221 West 36th Street21211M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterSamuel F.B. Morse424 Pulaski Street21223M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterSolo Gibbs1044 Leadenhall Street21230M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterVirginia S. Baker @ Patterson Park Recreation Center2601 East Baltimore Street21224M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
Recreation CenterWoodhome7310 Moyer Avenue21234M-F:12pm - 6pm/Sa & Su: 12pm - 4pm Breakfast & Lunch
School Meal SitesHolabird Elementary/Middle School1500 Imla Street2122410am - 2pm
School Meal SitesJohn Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School701 Rappolla Street2122410am - 2pm
School Meal SitesCity Neighbors Hamilton5609 Sefton Avenue2121410am - 2pm
School Meal SitesYorkwood Elementary School5931 Yorkwood Road2123910am - 2pm
School Meal SitesSinclair Lane Elementary School3880 Sinclair Lane2121310am - 2pm
School Meal SitesDorothy I. Height Elementary School2011 Linden Avenue2121710am - 2pm
School Meal SitesPaul Laurence Dunbar High School1400 Orleans Street2123110am - 2pm
School Meal SitesSandtown-Winchester Achievement Academy701 Gold Street2121710am - 2pm
School Meal SitesAlexander Hamilton Elementary School800 Poplar Grove Street2121610am - 2pm
School Meal SitesMaree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School300 Pontiac Avenue2122510am - 2pm
School Meal SitesLakeland Elementary/Middle School2921 Stranden Road2123010am - 2pm
School Meal SitesThe Historic Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School801 Bridgeview Road2122510am - 2pm
School Meal SitesPimlico Elementary/Middle School4849 Pimlico Road2121510am - 2pm
School Meal SitesGwynns Falls Elementary School2700 Gwynns Falls Parkway2121610am - 2pm
School Meal SitesArlington Elementary School3705 W. Rogers Avenue2121510am - 2pm
School Meal SitesBeechfield Elementary/Middle School301 S. Beechfield Avenue2122910am - 2pm
School Meal SitesFranklin Square Elementary/Middle School1400 W. Lexington Street2122310am - 2pm

Point of Contact: Jazmyn Covington
B’more for Healthy Babies (BHB) has launched a comprehensive Website with service updates, helpful information, and links to resources for current and expectant parents. Click here to visit the BHB COVID-19 Response Page.

We have had requests for information and resources on how to support families of young children as we cope with the Coronavirus.  There are many resources from the Center of Excellence in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control.  Healthy Families America has provided guidance nationally on “what” can constitute as a home visit, which includes phone calls, video calls (skype, facetime, zoom) etc.

Below are several resources providing guidance on home visits as well as  supports for families, pregnant women and caregivers.

Healthy Families America COVID-19 Site Level Practices

World Health Organization Home Care Worker Guidance

CDC Guidance for Healthcare Personnel

CDC Recommendations and FAQ for Pregnancy and Children

Coronavirus Kids Flyer

Points of Contact:
General Food Access Questions: Melissa Moore
Family Child Care Provider (FCCP) Questions: Kendall Jenkins & Sharon Bostwick

Family Child Care Provider (FCCP) Claims

Family League’s Food Access Team would like to ensure Family Child Care Providers that they will continue to receive reimbursement for claims during these unprecedent events.  And, in its continuing efforts to support providers, the team will conduct check-in calls with all providers starting Tuesday, March 31st in order to determine their needs and connect them to resources in their communities.

Providers with questions or concerns regarding their claim reimbursements should email the Food Access Team at

First-responders looking for child care during this time can access the Maryland Family Network’s LOCATE or call 1-877-261-0060 to speak with a Child Care Referral Specialist.

After-school meal providers

All after-school site reviews have been suspended effective immediately and until further notice.  Site supervisors are reminded that point-of-service (POS) and online data requirements remain in effect.  Submission of POS forms may be made via email to or fax to 410-497-6647.

Point of Contact: Amani Coker-Warren

On Wednesday, March 25th, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon announced that the closure of all public schools in Maryland would be extended for an additional four weeks through April 24, 2020. Understanding the profound impact this decision will have on our children and our partners in the Community Schools and Out-of-School Time programmatic spaces, we have created this space to keep all stakeholders as up-to-date as possible with updates and information on resources to help navigate through this time.

Quarterly Community School Steering Committee Meeting

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our members, attendees, and partners is paramount. Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Community Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for March 25th was postponed and will be held virtually on April 1st at 10 am. Those interested in attendance should contact Khalilah Slater Harrington, Chief Program Officer. Visit Family League’s Community Schools and Out-of School Time page for the remaining schedule of meetings and minutes for previous meetings.


Baltimore City Public Schools has provided grade-level learning packets for students. Click here to download the packet.

Comcast Internet Essentials Promotional Offer (March 30 – April 30, 2020)

Additionally, City Schools has partnered with Comcast to bring the power of high speed internet service to students, families, and staff through the Internet Essentials program. Comcast is currently offering 2 months of free internet service to eligible Internet Essentials program participants. Any family with a child attending City Schools is eligible to apply to the Internet Essentials program through Comcast since the district provides free breakfast and lunch to all students. Staff may also apply for Internet Essentials if they are a parent of a City Schools student or fall within another qualifying group. Check here to see if you qualify! 

Family League Community Schools and Out-of-School Time

If schools are closed, will OST programs still run?
If schools are closed, then OST sites will be closed. Providers can contact Family League staff for alternative options for food. 

How will closures impact grant-funded programs with day requirements?
There are contingency days built into the 100-day minimum. Before the end of FY20 programming, sites should make every effort to make up missed days when possible (e.g., extending the last day of program, operating Saturdays, operating during breaks, etc.). Family League will continue to monitor school closures and support funded programs accordingly. 

Will we have the Cohort meetings?
We requested that Cohort Leads host meetings before March 20th. However, Family League staff will be flexible on this date. Cohort meetings will not be mandatory while school is closed. However, meetings can be held virtually or in person if the Cohort Lead and participants want to move forward. 

Will we have PD? Will PLCs take place?
The community school coordinator bi-monthly Professional Development and Networking and New Coordinator Professional Learning Community scheduled for March 18th has been postponed. Family League will communicate a reschedule date once that has been established 

Professional  development offerings from our PD calendar will move forward as planned. We are exploring the possibilities of virtual instruction. We will keep those registered through Learning Stream abreast of changes or cancelations. 

Can certain “requirements” be completed remotely?
All reporting and feedback can be completed remotely.

How can families access health care?

Low Cost Health Care Providers 


All Funded Partnerships site visits have been suspended. Teleworking is acceptable for Funded Partners. Costs can only be reimbursed If you choose to activate teleworking or assume normal operation of programming. Should you have any additional questions, please email

Funded Partnerships FAQs

Q. If programs are not operating, can they still implement a teleworking plan?
A. Yes. If Partner Organizations have a telework policy, they may implement it during this time.

Q. What do partners need to submit to implement the teleworking plan?
A. Partner Organizations should provide the Family League Funded Partners team with a copy of their organization’s telework policy and a copy of workplans for staff associated with the grant who will be teleworking.

Q. If staff telework, can programs be reimbursed for the Out-of-School Time and Community School Coordinator hours worked during that time? What are the limits on this, if any? (e.g., Pay up to their regular hours per week or average number of hours over a certain time period)
A. The eligibility of positions (CSC or OST) for telework is at the discretion of partner organizations. Partners will only be reimbursed for the number of work hours (telework or otherwise) completed. It should be noted that the number of hours worked should not exceed the amount budgeted.

Q. How long will Family League allow teleworking?
A. The parameters for teleworking (including lenght of time and scope of work completed) are to be determined by the Funded Partner.

Q. What expenses are eligible during this time frame if programs are not operating, but program staff are teleworking?
Eligible expenses are limited to those that are already allocated in the budget that was submitted and approved by Family League.

One of our roles as the local management board for Baltimore is to manage the City’s local care team, striving to pair the families of children and youth demonstrating intensive needs with the resources and solutions to thrive and be successful.

Unfortunately, all Local Care Team (LCT) review appointments are suspended until further notice. This decision is based on local guidelines that require the LCT to operate on the same schedule as the local school board district.

There are alternative means in place to support any emergency cases that may need review during the suspension period. We are working with he Governor’s Office for Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services to determine whether these need to be revised in light of the extreme case we currently face.

Any additional questions or wish to submit an emergency referral can be emailed to

All previously scheduled professional development trainings and meetings will be shifted to virtual convenings, using a combination of online and telephone options. Those registered will receive an email with the link to virtual access. Please email us at with any question.


*Update: Since the below letter was written, leadership in Annapolis has agreed to convene the Session on Wednesday, March 18th.

To: Members of the General Assembly and the Public
From: President Ferguson & Speaker Jones
Re: Updated Policies for the 2020 Session

This afternoon, Governor Hogan announced additional steps that the Administration is taking to curb the spread of COVID-19.

We have been consulting with public health experts, as well as State and local health officials and the Administration over the past two weeks. As many of you know, we are trying to limit the spread of COVID-19 in order to prevent rapid increases of cases in Maryland.

This afternoon, the State House Trust voted to close the State House to public access and only allow those persons with a State issued badge into the building. This includes a cancellation of all scheduled tours and outside visitors.

Effective immediately for the Maryland General Assembly:

  1. Only people with a State-issued credential will be permitted into the House and Senate Office buildings, as well as Legislative Services.
  2. A mandatory telework policy for all non-essential personnel is in effect. For members, please allow your staff to work remotely.

We will work through the weekend in session – including floor sessions for the House and the Senate on Sunday, March 15, 2020. Amendment requests will be taken by email only.

We have asked House and Senate leadership to prioritize legislation in their committees to the extent possible in order to finish critical bills in an expedited fashion. In order to fulfill our Constitutional duties and protect the health and safety of all Marylanders, we need to be sure that the Governor has the resources necessary to maintain public health during this extraordinary time.

The good news is that this is not permanent. The more proactive measures we take now, the better Maryland will fare over the weeks to come.

Coronavirus Media Inquiries

All general Coronavirus/COVID-19 media inquiries should be directed to City’s the Joint Information Center at (443) 401-2902 or email

Questions related specifically to Family League’s response and resulting impacts on our programs, services and operations should be directed to our public information officer, Rachel D. Graham, at (504) 579-9331 AND via email at with the subject line: MEDIA INQUIRY – Coronavirus.