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Senior Management

Contact Sharon

410.662.5500 ext. 292
Sharon Bostwick
Program Director of Food Access

Sharon manages the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), ensuring that Family League fulfills its responsibilities as a sponsor agency.

Contact Jessica

410.662.5500 ext. 268
Jessica Chiaramonte
Program Director of Community Schools & Out-of-School Time

Jessica supports the planning, implementation, and oversight of the aligned CS Strategy and OST programming within Family League-funded Community Schools and OST programs, working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to develop and manage the development of the strategies.

Contact Jazmyn

410.662.5500 ext. 296
Jazmyn Covington
Program Director of Home Visiting

Jazmyn oversees the Healthy Families America (HFA) program, including full management of the home visiting grants portfolio, the HFA HOPE program, and active leadership in the improvement of the citywide home visiting strategy. The HFA home visiting programs are a key component of the B’More for Healthy Babies collective impact strategy.

Contact Jennifer

410.662.5500 ext. 252
Jennifer Duncan
Director of Data & Evaluation

Jennifer is a key adviser to organizational leadership on data and research and is a strategic leader within Family League for data, program quality, and research and evaluation efforts.


Contact Rachel

410.662.5500 ext. 321
Rachel D. Graham
Communications Manager

Rachel oversees the organization’s internal and external communications functions and is centrally responsible for management of Family League’s brand. She also serves as Family League’s Public Information Officer.


Contact Mike

410.662.5500 ext. 220
Mike King
Manager of People & Culture

Mike provides full life-cycle human resources support to Family League’s operations and program functions by executing our People & Culture initiatives, driving functional excellence and process improvement, as well as building trusting relationships with internal senior leadership, vendors and funded partners.

Contact Melissa

410.662.5500 ext. 215
Melissa Moore
Director of Programs

Melissa oversee multiple strategies, investments and direct services – including B’More for Healthy Babies, Food Access, Interagency Initiatives and the Local Care Team – with a focus on developing and implementing the strategic vision of the organization through their stewardship of programs.


Contact Patrick

410.662.5500 ext. 270
Patrick O’Connor
Business Systems Administrator

Patrick ensures that all applicable software systems are operating at capacity in order to meet ever-changing business needs.

Contact Brian

410.662.5500 ext. 212
Brian Sneed
Program Director of Interagency Partnerships

Brian works collaboratively to support a variety of projects and strategies that aim to build strong families and safe environments for children and youth in the city of Baltimore.  Working closely with city-wide agencies, he supports the implementation of evidence-based practices and ensures they are reflective of the highest local and national standards.

Keina Staley_reduced

Contact Keina

410.662.5500 ext. 238
Keina Staley
Program Director of Professional Development

Keina oversees Family League’s Professional Development strategy. This program serves to build the capacity of organizations and individuals to ultimately better outcomes for youth and families. The professional development opportunities provided are identified in response to community needs and feedback.

Jenee Tucker

Contact Jenee

410.662.5500 ext. 216
Jenee Tucker
Director of Programs

Jenee oversees multiple strategies, investments and direct services – including Community Schools and Out-of-School Time, Expanded Youth Programs, and School Readiness – with a focus on developing and implementing the strategic vision of the organization through their stewardship of programs.

Contact Liz

410.662.5500 ext. 295
Liz Tung
Program Director of School Readiness

Liz leads Family League and B’more for Healthy Babies’ school readiness efforts.  She works with early childhood stakeholders to improve the pipeline of services from birth to age five, as well as leads work in the priority areas of parenting and social-emotional development of young children.

Contact Clifton

410.662.5500 ext. 314
Clifton Williams
Lead Partnership Manager (Compliance)

Clifton is primarily responsible for implementing standard operating procedures as they relate to the administrative oversight of the Family League’s funded partnerships with community organizations. He ensures that all partner contracts are executed with efficiency and accuracy.


Lauren Beal

Project Manager
of Data & Evaluation
410.662.5500 ext. 274

Amy Bopp

Sr. Project Manager of Data & Evaluation
410.662.5500 ext. 276

Alex Bunty

Communications &
Design Associate
410.662.5500 ext. 286
Derrek Cole_reduced (3)

Derrek Cole

Community Schools & Out of School Time Specialist
410.662.5500 ext. 202

Alexis Covington

Project Manager for
B’more for Healthy Babies
410.662.5500 ext. 201

Kechane Ellis

Outreach & Administrative Assistant
410.662.5500 ext. 241
Shebb Eversley

Shebbi Eversley

Help Desk
410.662.5500 ext. 222

Christina Gatto

Partnership Manager,
Capacity Building
410.662.5500 ext. 278
Mike Glenwick_reduced

Michael Glenwick

Community Schools &
Out of School Time Specialist
410.662.5500 ext. 304

Jillian Harp

Partnership Manager
Special Projects

Charles Jackson

Community Organizer
Food Access
Kendall Jenkins 2016_reduced

Kendall Jenkins

Program Manager of Food Access
410.662.5500 ext. 213
Pam Johnson_reduced (1)

Pamela Johnson

Community Schools Specialist

410.662.5500 ext. 290

Yolanda Jones_reduced (1)

Yolanda Jones

Program Coordinator

410.662.5500 ext. 311

Keena Lee_reduced

Kéena Lee

Accounting Manager

410.662.5500 ext. 205

Robin Lee_reduced

Robin Lee

Program Coordinator
Food Access
410.662.5500 ext. 306
Clint Middleton_reduced

Clint Middleton

Data Impact Specialist

410.662.5500 ext. 291

Neasiel Moses_reduced

Neasiel Moses


410.662.5500 ext. 271


Matt Quinlan

Public Policy
410.662.5500 ext. 224

Beth Reilly

Grant Writer

410.662.5500 ext. 286


Ana Rodney

Community Organizer for B’More for Healthy Babies
410.662.5500 ext. 274

La Tonia Rush

Administrative Assistant
410.662.5500 ext. 265

Marvo Simon


410.662.5500 ext. 200


Tiffany Snead-Rose

Program Manager of Expanded Youth Opportunities
410.662.5500 ext. 288
Cody Vargas_reduced

Cody Vargas

Information Technology Technician
410.662.5500 ext. 305

Ngina Victor

Administrative Coordinator

410.662.5500 ext. 235


Daphne Washington

Project Coordinator of Data & Evaluation
410.662.5500 ext. 239
Sally Yan (2)

Sally Yan

Project Manager of Data & Evaluation
410.662.5500 ext. 236